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Why Play In Tournaments?

We've heard it before - "I like regular play in the casino. Why should I get involved with tournaments?"

We can answer that easily:

* IT IS A LOT OF FUN -- Normal, everyday folks don't often have the opportunity to experience what Wide World of Sports might have termed "the thrill of victory," that is, the idea of being a star, even if only for a day. That brings an adrenalin rush, and isn't that fun?

* UPSIDE-DOWNSIDE RATIO IS FAVORABLE -- Because most of the tournaments have added prize pools, there is, as we have mentioned in previous posts, the chance for the average player to make a big win, while at the same time, operating with comparatively little real risk. So there is a great deal of value in participating.

* IT'S A GOOD LEARNING EXPERIENCE -- If you know the basics of a game but are not an expert at it, the tournament format may be an ideal platform for you to improve. You'll also learn a lot more about money management, since that is a vital element to surviving and competing.

* MORE STRUCTURE -- A lot of people appreciate the structure of a competition, which gives them something more to shoot for than regular game play in the casino. Here, you get to measure yourself against the abilities of other players, or get rewarded for your luck (whichever way you want to look at it!).

* YOU'LL GET BETTER EACH TIME -- Playing in a tournament may seem very unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first. But once you get used to the tournament format, it will get easier and easier each time you play it. That can only add enjoyment over the long run.

* YOU'LL GET RESIDUAL BENEFITS -- This is one thing the online casinos have down pat. People who participate in tournaments often have bonus points added to their account or get the opportunity to get into bigger tournament events for entry fees that are either reduced or waived. You will certainly be rewarded for taking part in tournaments.

Try it, you'll like it!