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The White Pigeon Game

The original organizers of keno in China had a dilemma - filling the demands of players who wanted to play and needed to find out whether they were winners. So how did Cheung Leung successfully implement a method by which to offer customers outside of the immediate area the opportunity to participate in the early keno game AND learn the results in a timely fashion?

The answer, interestingly enough, came by way of a method one might see as extremely primitive on the one hand, but in retrospect must be considered to be one of the first successful ancient marketing techniques. The organizers of the game would record the results, write it all up on notes, then to distribute these notifications, they would employ "letter doves," otherwise known as carrier pigeons, who would in turn carry those results to whichever areas needed to see them. The players would find out about their winnings in substantially less time than they would by any other method. And the game took off to a new level (both literally and figuratively speaking, I guess).

Out of this implementation, the game became known as "The Game of the White Dove" or "The White Pigeon Game." Today, in the land-based casino version of the game, there is no need to send a messenger; in some venues, one can see the keno results in almost every part of the gaming area, in addition to the coffee shop, where the player can participate too!