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Tipping The Dealer

This particular installment is for those people who occasionally venture offline and into a physical (or brick-and-mortar) casino setting. And it probably applies to just about any of the casino games you can play that are manned by employees. Among people who are "experts," there is a difference of opinion on the question of tipping (or toking) dealers. If this is a dilemma for you in the casino, perhaps I'll have a suggestion or two that might be of some help.

First, remember that you're never under any real obligation to tip the dealer. After all, it is the player's money, and being put to risk on each and every hand. What you do with it is your decision. You're going to get the cards dealt to you one way or the other. And the majority of players don't tip every dealer, so you won't get the same kind of stare you might get if you stiffed a bartender or a waitress. Besides, if you don't like a dealer for a specific reason, why should you go further into the hole, especially if you're losing?

If there is any good basic policy to follow, it might be to tip courtesy and stiff rudeness. No one appreciates a dealer who projects a nasty attitude, especially inasmuch as he or she is there to win money from you on behalf of the house. The dealers are there to make money for themselves as well, in the form of gratuities. If they don't do anything to justify it, such as offering a little common courtesy, they're not entitled to anything more than a nice wave goodbye as you pick up your chips and move on to the next table.

There's more to it, though. And we'll get back to it in Part Two.