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Progressive Slot Machine Jackpots "Explode" Winnings

One of the most exciting things about playing online slots is that it is quite possible to experience a virtual "explosion" of winnings. You may want to know how this is done, and the answer is simple - progressive slot machine jackpots.

We assume that you are here at this page because you play slot games online. And we know that what you are used to is a game that pays on a number of different winning combinations, any of which have to be achieved on an enabled payline. But that's not necessarily the bottom line when it comes to payouts, and you may never have played in a game that offers progressive slot machine jackpots.

Not all slot games have a progressive component attached to them. In fact, if you have downloaded casino software and look into the menu of games, you will see a small list of games that are "progressives." These may include other games, like blackjack and video poker, but by far, the most popular of these kinds of games are the ones that feature progressive slot machine jackpots.

Here is basically how they work: the designated games will set aside a certain amount for every spin of the reels by every player, and that can conceivably happen not just from the game as it appears in any one casino, but if a number of casinos are owned by the same operator, it can be something that is accumulated throughout the entire network of sites. That's where progressive slot machine jackpots can really get exciting.

How big do they get? Well, they can easily amount to hundreds of thousands. Of course, you have to hit a certain combination to get the payoff, but no one said it was going to be easy. In most cases, you have to have the maximum number of coins wagered on any given spin to be eligible. The great part is that when you're playing in one of these designated games, you can see the amount of the progressive slot machine jackpots at all times. That's truly something to behold!