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Player Vs. Dealer: 7,7 Vs. 3

HERE'S THE SITUATION: You're playing in a multiple deck game where DDAS (doubleing down after split) is offered. You've got a pair of sevens, which you have to play against the dealer's upcard of three. Do you split this pair, or proceed with one of the other options that are available?

THE CORRECT PLAY: To analyze this properly, it would behoove us to investigate the other options.

As for hitting, well you certainly do not want to do that, since it is undoubtedly a losing play in the long run. Practically speaking, your decision here is between standing and doubling. If you were going to treat this as a hard 14 only, standing might be a proper way to go.. Of course, if you did that, you would be winning 37% of your hands and losing 63% of them in the long run. That's something we're not really interested in. No, we're going to split our pair of sevens, which is going to give us a much better shot of winning. And though we do not have a positive overall expectation on this hand, by splitting the sevens we do get a lot closer to a desirable break-even point. Our ratio of wins to losses on this hand now becomes 42%-to-50% (where 8% are pushes). So you can see why it would make sense to split here, especially when there is a possibility of following one or both of the split sixes with a three, four or five, which then creates a doubling situation for you. Turning negatives into positives is one of our objectives!

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