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Player Vs. Dealer: 11 Vs. 10

HERE'S THE SITUATION: You're playing in a multiple deck game. You've been dealt a two-card eleven while the dealer has a ten-value card showing.

If you're a beginning player, you're really starting to ponder it, because the dealer is generally going to make a pat (standing) hand when drawing the ten (in fact, that will be the case nearly 79% of the time). And remember that when you double you're only getting one card.

So do you double down here?

AND THE CORRECT PLAY IS.......Yes you would, as per the Basic Strategy.

THE EXPLANATION: Naturally, what you're hoping for here is the opportunity to draw a ten-value card to your own hand that will beat virtually anything the dealer can come up with. That would appear to represent the rationale behind this decision. If you simply hit the hand, you're going to win twelve more hands than you lose for every hundred in this situation. This is a good thing. On the other side of it, when you double, you will win 51% of your hands, with 42% losses. That's a difference of nine hands per hundred in your favor. On the surface, that looks like the lesser of your two alternatives, right? Well, consider that your wager on each of these hands will be doubled. That means that, based on a $1 unit, that gets you ahead $18, or 18 units, per every hundred hands when you double down, as opposed to twelve units when you hit.

A lot of people get spooked when they see the dealer showing a 10, and then they're afraid to pull the trigger. But take advantage of these opportunities to gain when they present themselves!!