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Player Vs. Dealer: 6,6 Vs. 4

HERE'S THE SITUATION: You're playing in a multiple deck game, where you've got the option of doubling down after split. You have been dealt a pair of sixes, while the dealer has a four showing. Obviously the rules provide for the option to split the sixes. Is that the course you should take, or is that too reckless?

THE CORRECT PLAY: Actually, it would in fact be reckless if you didn't - unquestionably you should split the sixes.

THE EXPLANATION: First of all, there is a nice gain available with this move. Of course, there are alternatives. You could stand on this hand, which means that for purposes of Basic Strategy, you would be considering it as a HARD 12. You will, in that case, win about 40% of your hands and lose on about 60% of them.It goes without saying that this is not a satisfactory return. Just as uninviting is the result in the event you hit the hand. It will bring victory in 37% of all instances and ignominious defeat 58% of the time.

As you can tell, whiceher way you choose to go, you are going to be staring a negative expectation in the face. So your best option will naturally be the one which will allow you to cut down on your losses and afford you a better chance to win. Splitting is the option that offers that opportunity. When you split your sixes, you are going to win nearly 45% of your hands, while losing less than 53%. There is no question that this offers the best play on the hand, by far.