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Player Vs. Dealer: A.A V. 10

THE SITUATION: You've been dealt a pair of Aces, a very fortuitous thing to happen, and you must play them against the dealer's upcard of 10. There is the opportunity to split, or you can hit the hand. What's your move?

THE CORRECT PLAY: This one should be a no-brainer for you. Absolutely split the Aces up!

THE EXPLANATION: Astonishingly, there is a blackjack "guru" out there (and one who has sold a lot of material at that) who has advocated that the player actually HIT this hand! This, while anyone with any common sense realizes that you MUST split aces up, not just here but always! In this case, it is without question one of the largest gains you could have in playing the game of blackjack. When you hit this hand as a soft 12, you will wind up winning just 41% of your hands while losing at a 47% clip (the rest will come as "pushes," or ties). But when you split this hand up, you are able to completely turn that situation around, and then some. In fact, exercising the option of splitting, you will win a healthy 51% of your hands, while losing only 42% of the time. The difference here is vivid - it is between a 9% positive expectation and a 7% negative expectation, a nice swing of 16%. Splitting is your ONLY move.