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Player Vs. Dealer: A,7 V. 6

HERE'S THE SITUATION: You're involved in a multiple-deck game where there is soft doubling (doubling on a hand that contains an Ace) available. Sure enough, you're dealt an Ace and a seven, while the dealer turns up a six. Is this a situation where there is a benefit from exercising the soft doubling option?

THE CORRECT PLAY: Yes, soft doubling is appropriate here

THE EXPLANATION: You are presented with a nice winning situation here. When you hit the hand, you'll emerge with a winner about 59% of the time, compared to only 30% losers. That's a 29% difference, and that is considerable indeed. Now here comes the important question: can you can achieve more than half that differential of you double the hand? Well, the answer is a resounding YES! Your win/loss ratio is 56-40, which means your yield is 32 units per hundred hands, as opposed to 29 units which you achieve by hitting. So, while you're not exactly wrong by merely hitting, you are going to achieve more by understanding the Basic Strategy and going on step further.

Profit is what the game is all about, and money-wise, you're profiting more by doubling here. Get that money on the table!!

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