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Player Vs. Dealer: 14 V. 2

HERE'S THE SITUATION: You're sitting down in a multiple deck game. You have been dealt a nine and a five for a hard total of 14. The dealer has a two showing, which as you know from reading some of our earlier installments, makes him dangerous. Your decision is to hit or stand in this situation. Does it make any sense for you to hit the hand?

THE CORRECT PLAY: There is no question about it. You must STAND here.

THE EXPLANATION: Once again, like with a lot of the situations you're going to face in a blackjack game, we're looking at a scenario where we seek to "lose less" rather than "win more.". When you stand on the hand, you are totally relying on the dealer to bust out. And you will lose this way a little less than 65% of the time. When you hit this hand, you actually have the effect of hurting yourself. Your losing outcomes will jump up to 66%, while you'll win only 29% of the time. What it amounts to is that you get about an 11.5% gain by moving the right way, which is to stand.