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Bonuses Offered In Online Casino

´╗┐Online gaming is competitive both for the players and also for the companies that have their gaming websites. This is why they offer various types of bonuses and incentives for luring players to sign up in their sites. Let us get an idea of some of the bonuses that are offered. Firstly there is the sign up bonus. In simple terms, it is a type of bonus that is offered to those who have signed up in the site for the very first time. It is offered irrespective of the amount of deposit that the player makes.

The second type of bonus can be the percentage bonus. In this kind, the sites offer bonuses between 50% and 100%. In most cases, there is a limit to the amount of money that the player can deposit. For instance, if you deposit 50 dollars and the site offers 50% bonus, you have a chance to get an extra25 dollars.

Another different kind of casino bonuses offered online is the reload bonus. This is usually given to the existing players and users. In most cases, the bonus is offered whenever they transfer extra money to their existing account. This is a part of an encouragement that enables players not to leave the gaming site.

A few numbers of sites also offer the no deposit bonus. In this process, the bonus is offered to the players even if he or she has not made any deposits. However, the bonus amount is relatively small. In most cases, it is between 5 dollars and 50 dollars and not more than that.

Some of the online casinos also offer preferred deposit bonus, which has been recently launched. In this the bonus is offered to the player when he or she uses a special eWallet to make the account money transfer.

However, read the terms and conditions well before you avail the bonuses, and enjoy your game.