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Back To Basics Not A Bad Idea

If you are experiencing a bad run at the tables, you may be wondering what in the world you could possibly do about it. And there are obviously many ways to address the problem. I'm going to offer one of them.

Sometimes when you've gotten to a certain level where you are confident in your play, you can become complacent or try to be too "cute" about some of your playing techniques. At that point you can lose sight of some things. Sometimes you're simply too smart for your own good.

My suggestion is that you get back to the basics.

Pick up a book, or whatever it was that you used to learn how to play your preferred game. And review the basic playing techniques; the principles that make for a solid game. Never mind if you figure you know it all by heart already.

I can tell you that many times early on in my playing days, when I got a little pre-occupied with card counting techniques, true counts, deck estimation and strategy variations, I actually found myself making silly errors in Basic Strategy decisions. So I just went back to the beginning; to the foundation. And that meant reviewing the Basic Blackjack Strategy and placing most of my emphasis on it in practice sessions. I found all of this to be extremely helpful.

Remember that regardless of the game, everything of an advanced level has used a set of basic principles as a springboard. This goes for any game for which there is a strategy that can greatly improve your game, particularly blackjack, poker and video poker.

Don't be afraid to go back to the roots.