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Slots In A High-Tech Age

The transition from mechanical slot machines to the electronic slots signaled a whole new age for the devices, and the gateway to huge revenue streams. The Bally Corporation used electro mechanical circuitry to develop a new kind of slot machine in 1963. These machines proved to be more difficult to cheat or rig, thus enhancing casino security. Thyat obviously made everyone happy.

Video poker machines and other video-based gaming devices developed with the help of electronic technology, which came into being in the 1970s. International Game Technology (IGT), established in 1981, moved onward and upward along with an earth-shattering trend in the gaming industry; you see, it was known for years that slots were gaining on all of the other games in terms of its own share of overall casino revenues. But in 1981, revenue from slots had actually surpassed revenue from table games in the state of Nevada for the first time ever. Much of this had to do with the technological advances in the machines themselves.

The strategic initiative of the casino had begun to change, to that of placing slot machines in more prominent positions and in more abundance throughout the casino gaming area. Along with plugging into the psychology of the consumer, e.g., placing better-paying machines near the front door and the registration area, brought a combination of sciences into play.

IGT took this to a whole new level with its "Fortune 1" video slots.

The presence of microprocessors in these machines enabled them to have sound effects, lights, meters which calculated huge jackpots, and the pre-emption of slot cheating. This is the genesis of what you're able to see online, with the very best in high-technology slot experiences!