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Cardinal Rules: Don'T Play Over Your Head

Yes, that cardinal rule sounds so simple. Yet one can purport to understand it and still not do it. Gambling is supposed to be an entertainment vehicle. It is not blood and guts, or life and death. The "spirit" of your play is important here, and it's not healthy to be mean-spirited toward yourself. Follow something in the way of rudimentary principles of money management. In the long run, "living on the edge" is not something that will give the gambler more satisfaction. In fact, it will not only distract from the enjoyment of the game as you are playing it, it will invariably wind up dictating that you play less and less. You will not have money to play with, or you will become disgusted and walk away. That's not really where you want to be, is it? What you may want to do is budget a certain amount of money to play with in any individual session. That does not mean that you are taking the entire amount of what you have on deposit with the casino. The deposit (along with projected bonuses you might accumulate) should constitute the "bankroll" and you should divide it up into sub-bankrolls, if you will, to be used in your individual sessions. Don't be in such a hurry to convert the bonus. It will be there for you. Relax. Enjoy. And don't fall victim to the tension created when you try to get too excessive too fast. That would kind of defeat the purpose of it, don't you think?