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Online Casino Games: The 3 Reels Casino Games

Online casinos are very popular in comparison to the land casinos for a variety of reasons. The initial online casino machine was a 3 reels casino slot machine. With technological advancement the 5 reels casino games came up that had better features and even offered more number of combinations and payout chances for winning. However, the following few factors attribute to the popularity of the 3 reels casino games, despite of the advanced versions present.

• However, the 5 reels casino slot games offer more payouts but the denominations associated with them are smaller to what you get with the 3 reels casino games.

• The 3 reels casino games are very interesting and comparatively easier to understand. On the contrary the 5 reels casino games can become too perplexed at times. Thus, it is a better option for the youngsters and novice people to begin with.

• However, the 5 reels casino games offer more bonuses but the 3 reels casino games offer flexible rules for better game playing. Moreover, it is possible to alter the game according to will depending upon the type of slot and the rules of the game. Thus, the player can alter the game according to the personal likes and dislikes.

To conclude, the type of the casino game hardly matters as all the slot machines offer extensive features and unmatched thrill and winning options. Thus, irrespective of the fact that whether the slot machine offers the 3 reels casino games or the 5 reels casino games, the player can choose any game according to personal likes and dislike. However, one basic tip in order to increase the chances of a win in either of the slot machine games is that you should acquaint yourself very well with the symbols and their meanings. Some symbols offer you more free spins and the others might increase your chances of a winning combination and a lot more.

The online versions offer manuals and help options in order to make the users familiar with the different types of symbols at large.