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The Best Online Blackjack Odds, the Charts Show the Way

The chart basically tells you what chances are there for you to go bust if you take a hit. Referring to the chart helps you understand the best way to handle the cards you have been dealt with. The chances are depicted by a percentage. So the chart will have the hand values like 19, 18, 17, and 16 and so on. Along with these values will be given a percentage which is your bust percent! If you have a 56% chance of getting busted, it's better you don't accept the third card.

The online blackjack chart also indicates the odds, not stacked in favor of the house. There are casinos where you have to take a hit for a 16 or below. Your winning chance comes because of the fact that the house has to play the rules without thinking of the odds. Dealers have equal chances of busting when having the total of 14 and must take another card for a total of 15. You can even learn from the online chart the blackjack odds. To win the bet, all you need to do is crack a strategy and decide on how much you are willing to risk. This can be decided using the charts indicating the blackjack odds.