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Doubling And Splitting - The Raw Basics

DOUBLING: When you're in a brick-and-mortar casino, doubling down in the face-up game is done by simply telling the dealer you want to double. You will then take a sum equal to your original wager, and place it next to the original wager. This way you've shown the dealer that you are executing a double. Let the dealer take the chips and stack them on top of each other himself. The dealer will then give you one card DOWN. In a face-down game you will, in effect, be doubling UP. That is, you will place your cards down in the betting square and be dealt one card face-up. This is the case unless the rules stipulate that you can only double on certain card combinations, like 9, 10, and 11, in which case you must turn the cards over and show them to the dealer. The difference when you're playing in the online game is that you are going to click the "double" or "double down" icon at the base of the blackjack screen, and most, if not all software programs will automatically grab an amount equal to your original wager and place it in your betting circle (or square, as it were). You will receive one card.

SPLITTING: In the physical casino, you're going to separate your pair of cards, take a sum equal to your original wager and put it on the table. What you should do is take the two piles of chips and put one in front of each of the two split cards. After all, you will be playing each of the split hands separately and will have a bet in front of each. When you are playing online, you're going to click "split:" and the program will automatically separate your pair, then deal a card to each of those pairs. When it adds a card to the first of your split cards, you are going to be presented with the option of hitting again, or in some cases, doubling on that two-card combination. You will then follow through with whatever decisions you choose. The same procedure will be followed with the second half of your split pair.